Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion: Why it Matters

Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion: Why it Matters

November 2022

Organisations that bolster diversity, belonging and inclusion (DBI) foster a sense of fitting in within a workforce.

An Indeed survey found that 97% of employees said when they feel valued by their employer it boosts their confidence and they perform better. There’s no question that companies benefit from having happier, loyal, innovative and high performing employees who are committed to the long-term success of the business.

We asked our MD Kerrie about the company’s approach to DBI.

Kerrie Barlow - MD of Mirabilis

What do diversity, belonging and inclusion in today’s working environment look like to you?

DBI should be a top priority for every leader in today’s world. I believe it starts at the top. All employees should feel welcome despite differences, whether these are physical, spiritual, generational, ethnic, orientation, or gender identity. Sensitivity to employee well-being is vital.

We embrace DBI all year round; it’s not a campaign that lasts for a day or a month. The celebration of Pride or International Transgender Day of Visibility, for example, is something that we take to heart throughout the year. By nurturing a more accepting, diverse culture, Mirabilis has experienced a positive effect on our people and a stronger bond within our teams. This, in turn, generates respect across the organisation and it’s reflected in the way we interact with our customers.

The London Mirabilis team

How does Mirabilis answer the call for DBI?

We create a safe space for all. Our approach is one of understanding, empathy and compassion. We listen and we share. We also encourage our staff to bring their whole, authentic self to work.

Andrew Mons is our reservations manager in London

Andrew Mons, who is our reservations manager, is a great believer in individuality. He says Mirabilis allows him to be free and to feel accepted at work. “People who feel supported, comfortable, and safe will work harder, trust you and respect you for your kindness and inclusion.”

We live by our commitment to DBI and the stats show that. A number of our team are from the LGBTQIA+ community. We also employ people from all backgrounds and from countries across the world. Our London-based site manager Yordanos Daru is originally from Ethiopia and previously worked on our evening and weekend security desk. She was a natural fit for the company and is forging a new career for herself within the hospitality environment.

Yordanos is the newest addition to the London Mirabilis team
Sue and Antonia are part of our reservations team in London

We also believe that it’s important to do things that are special, such as celebrate employee milestones. These include work anniversaries, promotions, excellent customer reviews and many other special occasions, like birthdays, a baby announcement, engagements and weddings.

Nothing brings people together like a celebration. Not only do they provide an excuse for office cake, but this allows us to get to know our colleagues better. We connect and remind each other who we are outside of the office.

Why does this matter? Because each team member plays an important part in the company’s overall success. This makes personal and professional recognition important. In return, motivated workers are more productive and inspired, and they also tend to be more loyal.

Diogo is from our Lisbon team, and Andrew and Gareth from our team in London

What advice do you have for other leaders and organisations when it comes to DB&I?

  • Always create an environment that supports openness and collaboration
  • Be vulnerable – it shows humanity and encourages others to share
  • Be intentional and deliberate about DBI, and stay committed
  • Strive for a recognition-rich company culture


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