Holidaying in Portugal? Here are three tips for post-pandemic travel

Holidaying in Portugal? Here are three tips for post-pandemic travel

June 2022

We’re all keen for a summer holiday.
With anxieties around travelling easing, a lot of people are hoping to get away this summer. And many of them are choosing Portugal as a fabulous holiday destination.

But the excitement of travel has been marred by airport chaos, cancelled flights and hours-long queues. Though travel restrictions may be easing, the recent problems at airports are leaving many tourists uncertain if they should book at all. Here are some top tips to get you to your destination with a smile.

Give yourself enough time

Prior to the pandemic, most of us arrived at the airport two hours before a flight. We recommend you leave a three- to four-hour gap now.

It’s advisable to download your airline’s app to easily track your flight status and simplify check-in. You will need to have extra time for the unexpected – such as staff shortages, staff training, and unforeseen workers’ strikes. When only one check-in counter is open, you will inevitably be forced to stand in long queues.

There are so many variables ahead of you that the most important thing is to leave enough time to manage any of them. Should you be lucky enough to ease your way through without any glitches or delays, you’ll be able to enjoy some shopping or a drink and snack once you’re through security and have found your boarding gate.

Remain calm, breathe and exercise patience

Before you leave for the airport, it’s a good idea to anticipate the long lines, the disgruntled travellers, the process of taking off your shoes and belt and putting your belongings through the security check.

This can help you feel better prepared for the potential delays ahead.

Charge your devices so you have phone access. Also charge your headphones, so you can listen to music while you wait.

If you thought you needed to be patient before, you will need to be extra patient now. There is a newfound meaning to the words ‘wait in line’. It will be better for you if you can remain calm and let the process takes its course and know that, once you are through, you will have an amazing city and holiday experience ahead.

Remember – leave yourself enough time. It’s the most valuable advice we can offer right now.

Getting from A to B in Lisbon

If you’ve landed in Lisbon, stood in line at passport control and collected your luggage from baggage reclaim, but have not yet prearranged transport to your accommodation, don’t be too worried. There are a few options available.

Walk straight out the main doors and you will be able to catch a Lisbon taxi – most are black with a distinctive green roof. As there are so many more travellers these days, you may have to stand in line for a few minutes. A note on catching a taxi in Lisbon – drivers prefer cash.

Bolt and Uber apps work well in Lisbon and usually take around five to ten minutes to arrive.

The metro is a good option if you’re travelling light. It's the red line which will take you directly into Lisbon, where the final stop is São Sebastião for the area of Avenida Novas.

Booking agents can also recommend a driver or airport pickup service.

We hope your travel journey is hassle-free, you arrive safely and have a wonderful holiday!