Lisbon Bliss: A Day of Calm, Cuisine, and Retail Delights in Portugal's Capital

Lisbon Bliss: A Day of Calm, Cuisine, and Retail Delights in Portugal's Capital

December 2023

Treat yourself to a day of delights in the City of Seven Hills

Magical Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, is a treasure trove for the senses, blending traditional charm with contemporary allure.

From pastéis de nata in historic bakeries to seafood-rich dishes in trendy riverside eateries, Lisbon's gastronomy reflects its rich maritime history and cultural diversity. There’s something to offer for every palate.

For shopping aficionados, the city also has much to offer. But why not take a relaxing and rejuvenating break from sightseeing and indulging in the local culture. Visit a float spa for a luxurious addition to exploring the city.

In Lisbon, every moment is an opportunity to indulge in life's finer pleasures. We want to share with you a day of delights all within a short walking distance of our wonderful AAA23 apartments.

Morning delights: coffee snack

Start your day at A Padaria Portuguesa, located conveniently on the corner close to AAA23. This local gem offers a range of traditional pastries, perfect for a light breakfast or a quick bite. Their pastries, imbued with authentic Portuguese flavours, provide an ideal start to your day.

Mid-morning relaxation: spa, massage

For a relaxing morning, visit Float in, a nearby spa renowned for its floatation and massage therapies. Guests float effortlessly in a special pool filled with Epsom salt, an experience described as deeply relaxing and beneficial for sleep and stress relief. It’s highly recommended to reset and rejuvenate the body. Follow with a relaxing massage for the full experience.

Afternoon indulgence: café culture, shopping

As afternoon approaches, consider visiting Garden Balthazar Caffe or Hygge Kaffe. The latter is particularly popular, so reserve a table or prepare yourself for a short wait. These cafés epitomize Lisbon's laid-back yet elegant café culture, offering a serene environment in which to enjoy a fabulous brunch or lunch.

If you’re still in the mood, follow this with a luxury shopping experience like no other – from exceptional ready-to-wear fashion, fine jewellery and watches to gourmet culinary products and dining for the most discerning epicures, El Corte Inglés offers an extensive selection of international luxury and exclusive Portuguese designer brands, making it a one-stop shopping destination. You’ll find it just up the road from our AAA23 apartments, in Lisbon's Avenidas Novas district, a trendy, upmarket area with plenty of places to eat and drink with excellent connections by metro and bus to all parts of the city and the airport.

Evening flavours: dinner options

As evening sets in, treat yourself to a delicious dinner at Baan Saraiva located just up the road from El Corte Inglés. It’s an authentic, memorable Thai restaurant where the chef uses only premium quality ingredients and serves a fusion of traditional Thai flavours with a contemporary twist.

Other noteworthy food spots in the area

If you’re looking for a quick tasty bite, a classic American-style burger and craft beer, head to Ground Burger, a casual burger joint, nearby. Ingredients are prepared daily, and the burgers are made with 100% certified Black Angus beef (which makes them juicy and delicious). The fries are super crispy, with a touch of garlic and rosemary, giving them a very particular flavour.

And for even more indulgence, next door is Crush Doughnuts, where the display window is full of colourful, artisanal American doughnuts made from a brioche dough fermented for 24 hours. Treat your sweet tooth with classical and original flavours and combinations and have an excellent Americano to round off your American dining experience.

For a more local meat-lover's experience, the relaxed O Talho (butchery in English), has a menu centred around meat and its many by-products. The restaurant is known for its quality meats and unique dishes.

Portugal's great culinary gift to the world

No visit to Lisbon is complete without trying the iconic Pastel de Nata – crisp, flaky layers of pastry with a delicious, creamy egg-custard filling and a dusting of cinnamon. No wonder it was named by the Guardian as one of the “50 best things to eat” in the world. For the best experience in the area, head to Pastelaria Aloma, established in 1943, to savour the quintessential Lisbon treat, which you can enjoy with a quick coffee or take away for later. They can be found in the lower ground eating hall of El Corte Inglés.

Picture a city where every day is a new adventure, and relaxation is just around the corner. That's Lisbon for you – a city that truly has it all.